Starting university means stepping into a brand-new environment – but that doesn’t mean you have to reinvent yourself too. Because, as much as university is about evolving, it’s also about finding a campus community and culture that celebrates you for being you.

Among other Warriors, you’ll build your own social network across your program, faculty, residence and extracurricular activities that helps you learn, grow and form lifelong bonds.


­­– no matter how cheesy

Whether you’re passionate about equity, gaming or … Havarti, Waterloo has a club or society for you. (That’s right, there’s a cheese club.) Joining one of the hundreds of groups on campus is a great way to discover a welcoming community, make new friends, get résumé-worthy experience and have fun.

Woohoo for WUSA

The Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) is the student union for all undergraduate students. It represents student concerns and advocates on your behalf. You can get involved by joining one of their hundreds of clubs, volunteering with a student-run service or running for student government.

Forge faculty connections

Each of Waterloo’s six faculties has a society that represents students. By hosting fun events and delivering important services like exam study support and access to low-cost or free food, societies are a great way to connect with students in your faculty or program. Get involved by going to events, volunteering or taking on a leadership role.


  • Arts Student Union (ASU)
  • Association of Heath Students Undergraduate Members (AHSUM)
  • Engineering Society (EngSoc)
  • Environment Students Society (ESS)
  • Math Society (MathSoc)
  • Science Society (SciSoc)

Meet your match

There are hundreds of clubs you can join through WUSA and faculty societies. While each has its own vibe and commitment level, they all help you meet students with similar interests. Here are some examples:

  • Tea and Culture Club is a space for people to get together weekly, try new teas and de-stress, usually while playing boardgames, chatting or doing homework.
  • The Glow Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity is the oldest continually-running university-based 2SLGBTQ+ group in Canada. Run entirely by dedicated student volunteers, Glow promotes a healthy attitude towards all sexual orientations and gender identities on the Waterloo campus by providing a wide variety of peer support, social events, advocacy work and resources.
  • General Equality Club (GEC/GenEq) is a forum to discuss equality and give students the opportunity to advocate for and create positive change.


Whether you’re studying in person or remotely, Waterloo has all the ingredients for a great student experience. Here are just a few ways to keep in touch with friends, fun and campus life.

International student connections

If you’re an international student looking to connect with people at Waterloo, the International Peer Community is for you. Through community-based activities, the program will help you build a support network, develop a sense of community, enhance interactional skills and learn about Canada and other cultures.

You can also participate in one of Renison University College's Meet & Greet events. As a participant, you'll have an opportunity to meet senior students studying in the same program or Faculty as you and ask questions about Waterloo, the student experience, first-year courses, preparing for co-op and life in the city of Waterloo. Upper-year students are then available to help share advice and their experiences about the Waterloo journey and tips for success in their first year.

Getting involved virtually

Staying connected to campus and other students is easy — no matter where you are — thanks to our virtual events and activities. Try online classes and eSports delivered by Campus Recreation, virtual talent shows and trivia nights hosted by WUSA and other online events planned by your faculty.

If you’re studying online, it can be challenging to meet new people and form friendships. Pen-demic Pals provides an opportunity to be matched with another student outside of your program.


­­– and calendars

Our chock-full calendar of events and activities means you have plenty of opportunities outside the classroom to make new friends and lifelong memories. Try something new or dive deeper into activities you already love. Here’s a list of crowd favourites to get you started.

superhero icon

Orientation and Welcome Week are Waterloo’s official kick-off events for first-year students every term. Meet friends in your residence, program and faculty, explore campus, and celebrate the start of something wonderful: your new Warrior status.

megaphone icon

Black and Gold Day is an annual event traditionally held on the last day of Orientation where we show our Warrior pride. The day consists of fun games, free swag, prizes, food and watching a varsity sports game.

camera icon

No Waterloo experience is complete until you take a selfie with the Waterloo sign. The sign and Arts Quad, where it lives, are both based on winning design concepts submitted by students to campus-wide competitions.

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And the list goes on, from trivia nights and faculty events to theatre productions, movie nights and so much more!


Want to hear stories directly from students and stay on top of all the fun events happening at Waterloo each week?


When it comes to a healthy body and mind, they’re as connected as Canada geese to our Waterloo campus: you can’t have one without the other! That’s why Waterloo Athletics and Campus Recreation have lots of ways to keep you moving (beyond running from geese).

Campus recreation

Home to one of the largest campus rec programs in the country, Waterloo has dozens of intramural leagues that kick off every September. You’ll be able to check out our many sports clubs or register for our Shoe Tag program to access a wide variety of weekly fitness, aquatics and wellness classes.

Staying active from anywhere

Sticking to a healthy routine can help you hit your wellness goals — and thrive in other parts of life too. Virtual programming is here to make it as easy as possible to stay active, wherever you are.


Now you can access free digital resources, including live or pre-recorded fitness classes, a 12-week workout program and nutrition guides, as well as personal training consultations for a small fee.


If you’re struggling with hopping on the motivation train, try the Move Your Mind program to work with a personal coordinator to stay active, set and meet goals and overcome personal barriers.

Intramural eSports

If you’re itching to give your video game controller a workout, consider registering for one of our intramural eSport titles. With a wide range of games to choose from, there’s something for everyone — whether you want to make new gaming friends or love a little healthy competition.

Follow the movement

For daily workouts, updates and advice for staying active, follow @wloorec or @wloowarriors on Instagram.