Research activity on campus is resuming in phases. Anyone who can effectively continue their research and other study/work activities from home should continue to do so.

For ongoing updates related to University research and COVID-19, and information about how to Return to Research, visit our website.

Current criteria to conduct research on campus include:

  • COVID-19 related research
  • Research that, if not continued, would result in a significant loss of data or equipment
  • Grants and contracts with time-sensitive milestones
  • Graduate students nearing research degree completion
  • Research with needs for intermittent lab access
  • Early career researchers
  • Researchers currently hindered by restrictions due to COVID-19, where ongoing access to research laboratory and specialized facilities would be required for the continuation of their research

Tools for returning to campus for research purposes

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Visit the COVID-19 website's Welcome back Waterloo section for the latest health and safety information and the most recent version of this document.

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