NA YOUNG KIM Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, IQC Director, Aquabits Inc. Transformative Quantum Technologies Affiliate



After 14 years in academia, Na Young Kim is branching out. Now, Kim is also a Director at Aquabits, an innovative ion trapping startup founded by Sushanta Mitra, the Executive Director of the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology at Waterloo. Aquabits has designed a novel and low-cost way to trap ions using artificial water channels. Kim was intrigued with the idea because it sounded so wild that it just may work.

Working at a startup and running the Quantum Innovation Lab at IQC is the perfect fit for Kim. Though she previously worked in industry, Kim returned to academia to explore new ideas for new technologies through fundamental research. Now she relishes the challenge of balancing both.

“Going straight to [launching] a startup wasn’t appealing because there are lots of hurdles to building a hardware startup,” Kim said. “Quantum technologies require customized equipment, and that’s often a barrier for new companies.”

Kim is excited to see where her lab research and the innovations coming out of Aquabits will lead. Her current focus is to help build new, more scalable materials for quantum products that are stable even at higher temperatures. Her big goal with Aquabits is to have functional devices in compact forms that operate at close to room temperatures.

“The world of academia is a great arena to establish prototyping hardware,” she said.

She has learned two critical lessons during her time working both in academia and industry. Firstly, patience and persistence are required for successful research. And secondly, although preparation is critical, you have to be bold enough to take risks.


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